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Marko Majetič
Co-Founder of CarTuner

"Absolutely stunning design." 


Minimalism is the future of brands, and Edis really understood this approach when designing our website. 

Not only did he build the website from scratch, but he also actively helped us with crucial brand elements, such as designing the logo and helping with the slogan, blog posts & copywriting, the brand's vision and its purpose statement.

His knowledge from many different fields, such as economy, entrepreneurship, marketing, design, etc. integrates into his unique approach to building websites. We are looking forward to working together again once we start using paid marketing / advertising to our advantage. 


Anže Jevnikar

"Truly, a game changer." 


I wasn’t satisfied with my previous website, which was fundamentally OK, but didn’t have the creative touch to keep up with today’s trends.

Collaborating with Edis was amazing due to his approach and communication. 


We had open communication at all times, but what surprised me the most, is his minimalistic and creative approach to design. He looks at the page holistically and coherently constructs fundamentals for a new one, while simultaneously thinking of creative ideas to add on top of it. 


As a photographer, I am now proud to share my portfolio and also gain customers/collaborations.

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