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Why Modern Men Today Are Weak

Updated: Nov 14, 2022

"Hard times create strong men.

Strong men create good times.

Good times create weak men.

Weak men create hard times."


*The following is only meant to be read and interpreted by a male individual. Whilst reading, please keep in mind the quote recited above.

** Don't misinterpret me when I'm talking about mental problems - I am not referring to those caused by extreme situations and/or traumas.

The evolution of technology, school systems, globalization,… made the lives of men easier than 100 years ago.

Because we don’t have the privilege to struggle anymore and face problems, we get complacent and our mind becomes static and still.

The stillness of the mind develops internal illnesses, such as depression and anxiety. Any little problems we face, are hard for us because we’re not used to them.

Depression, anxiety, ADHD, and other "mental" problems are first-world problems.

And before you lash out, please listen to me.

I say to people: “The hardest thing you went through is the hardest thing you've ever gone through.”

Well yeah, no shit, but think about it. The most painful situation, mentally and physically for me, can't be the same as it was for you.

You may have gone through bizarre and gruesome war situations and deaths in Iraq, while the hardest thing I've ever gone through is a heartbreak with a 6/10 girl with a flat ass.

Obviously, your mind would have much greater pain tolerance.

I'd find it harder to work on my EQ and consequently react to every real-life situation with my emotions, rather than my character and my rational intellect.

Reacting to situations like these with emotions would lead to emotion-based results, which would have an impact on my thinking patterns and later, on my mental state.

That's why mental problems are a privilege. A first-world problem. Because we haven't gone through hard situations like our ancestors (we can mimic those tho, will list them at the end) so we could act and react rationally.

There is someone, your age, who just found out that he has incurable cancer, or that his family died - just like that.

Ask that someone if he'd switch his life for your life, a life full of fake problems. He/she'd switch it immediately. Without hesitation, they'd sign the dotted line. Think about that for a second.

Find me a Syrian 15 yo boy who has time to think about depression. No, he is thinking about his next meal. Feeling depressed and having the symptoms of other mental illnesses, due to our "privileged" quality of living (aka social media) is non-existent for a kid like him. He'd laugh in your pathetic face.

Every single thing seems to irritate men today. Weather, a bad grade, a comment under a social media post, ... Men as a society are failing our ancestors. We are failing our past, present and potential future by being weak.

But there is a way out.

People got stuck in a loop they think they cannot escape.

Look, I’ve dealt with my share of mental problems.

But I analyzed them.

I observed them and made conclusions.

I never “had” depression, but rather felt depressed due to my decisions in life, which were based on emotions instead of integrity.

But I learned how to escape it.

I am not going to bullshit around. You will have to force yourself to become stronger, mentally and physically.

You do that with/by:

  1. Some sort of physical activity - iron your body & mind

  2. Meditation - clear your mind & improve focus for

  3. Deep work - set a goal and work on it with full dedication

  4. Gratitude Journaling - write out 1-3 things/people you're grateful for that day

  5. Sleep - prioritize your rest and let your body and mind recover

Get back on your shit and stop being weak.

Author: Edis

Follow me on my social and spend a few hours there to become more addicted, and later depressed.

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