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What Is Monk Mode And Why Am I Doing It?

DISCLAIMER: If you're a regular "7 am wake up, go to work, come back home & watch Netflix" type of person, then click off this post.

I want to make it perfectly clear from the beginning - the content of this blog is going to be extreme and if you don't enjoy being in uncomfortable situations, then you won't be able to understand my approach, mindset and what I'm trying to achieve here.

Monk Mode is NOT about me becoming a Buddha or a monk - what it really means is that this is a certain period of increased focus, discipline, productivity, living with intent, and committing yourself to your goals.

People engage in Monk Mode to abstain from a certain distraction, such as phone addiction, smoking, drinking alcohol,... or to reach certain goals, e.g. running a marathon, getting a degree, reaching certain amount of financial wealth, starting a business, spiritual goals and so on and so forth.

I am doing both - abstaining from distractions and reaching certain goals. I won't talk about my goals here, because I firmly believe in the "Never let them know your next move" saying, not because I'm hiding something, but because I want my results to speak for me.

But I will mostly work on my spiritual, physical, college, career & financial goals - and they're going to be hard to achieve.

What Monk Mode actually means to me:

  • 0530 wake up

  • Daily reading, meditating, working out, cold shower,... (already my habits)

  • Daily development (working on my goals & me)

  • Max 30min phone usage

  • No social media (except for networking, college & the Goggins's 4x4x48 charity event)

  • Celibacy - no porn, sex or mastrubation.

  • No movies & youtube (educational only)

  • No parties, alcohol, drugs,...

  • No late nights

  • No sugar foods

  • No vacation

  • No days off - just pure fucking focus.

I've kind of been doing Monk Mode for the past few years already (like waking up at 0530, personal development, no porn, no fast food...), but this is extreme now because I raised the volume, frequency and focus I'm devoting into the stuff that I'm doing.

Monk Mode gave me a sense of fulfilment

by being disciplined when everything else around me fell apart.

Monk Mode hardened my mindset.

Monk mode made me.

And now it's time for part 2.

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