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Is College Really Worth It?

Updated: Nov 16, 2021

There are 3 different answers. Which one are you? Should you go to college? Or are you wasting your time? Read more below 👀 👇



Let's answer the easy one first.

Answer these two questions:

  • Do you know what is your passion?

  • Will your job require a Bachelor or Masters degree?

If you answered "yes" to both questions, then there's a high chance you might need a college education in order to do what you love. 😎

Example: You know that your passion is helping people and you want to become a surgeon. To become a surgeon you need a degree. Simple as fuck.

If you answered "no" to any of those 2 questions, then continue reading.



Here's where stuff gets a little complicated.

Answer those same questions again. If you said "yes" to 1st and "no" to 2nd question, then you should drop out of college. Today.

Hear me out 👇

If the future job that you're passionate about requires skills / competencies and not a degree, then you're wasting your time being in college.

Go out there and gain experiences.

Example: You want to become an entrepreneur, run an e-commerce business and sell your product/service online. You have big goals and ambitions. You believe in yourself and know that you will make it no matter what. What the fuck are you doing, wasting your time in college (unless if you're in business school)? Go chase your dreams (cliché as fuck, I know, but it do be like that man).



Most of the people still reading, don't know their passion yet. And that's okay.😊

It's okay not to have your Life planned out in advance at 20 or 30 years old. Hell, even 40. It's okay not to know what your passion is - yet.

In this blog I won't expand more on this topic, but I need to point out this - if you don't know what your passion is yet, don't give up on yourself and become a lazy fuck. Don't lose sight of who you are, what your potential is, and who you might become.

Actively search for your meaning on a daily basis.

If you recognized yourself in that short lil' paragraph, then I really recommend you read "Search for Man's Meaning" and "IKIGAI". Like... forreal - it will help you immensely. Might even change your Life, who knows? Did wonders for me.

Anyways, if you don't know what your passion is (yet), and you're a student or someone who has second thoughts about applying to a university - then you should go to college. Why?

Because otherwise you'd be lost. It's a hard fucking world out there - and that's coming from a 21-year-old (I do have some experience tho).

You don't know yourself good enough to know your purpose, nor you're ready for a job (because quite frankly, it'll make you miserable in the long run if it's not fulfilling your mission / your purpose in this world.

That's why college is necessary for you. It'll provide and force you to keep a routine in your life, with regular tasks and a schedule. It'll create momentum in your Life and provide many other benefits (such as social networking, which IMO is the biggest benefit of Universities).



Make your own decisions. I am only here to provide explanations and my opinion for common misunderstandings and uncertainties.

Don't believe in everything you read online.

I mean, I use emojis in my blogs ffs, so yeah, before doing any irrational decisions, think them through a few times.


Hopefully, you learned something from this blog and found the tips useful. I am posting a blog every 2 weeks - if you have any requests about what I should write next, don't hesitate to contact me on my socials :)

IG: @edisbabahmetovic

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