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Go To Sleep At 9pm

The truth is, you need to stop treating sleep like it's optional, like it's some freaking luxury you can skimp on!

Our depraved, caffeine-infused, all-nighter culture isn't a badge of honor. It's haram. It's a ticket to an early grave, a one-way trip to a burnout! The brain isn't a goddamned machine. It needs rest, replenishment. We're no heroes for pushing past our limits with degenerate habits on a daily basis.

We're fools playing Russian roulette with our health.

You think high performing people became champions by sacrificing sleep? Fuck no! You've been fed this fucking lie that if you sleep less, you are a "hard worker". You know how people react when someone says "Omg, I've only slept for 3 hours"? The first thing they think is "Wow, he must be busy". Well, not in my eyes. I've been "busy" (not really), sleeping only 5-6 hours per night in 2021-2022, not knowing I was pushing gas and break at the same time.

When you're sleep-deprived, your creativity tanks, your cognition stutters, your mood plunges into the abyss. And no, another shot of espresso won't fix that. It's like putting a band-aid on a bullet wound!

So pull your head out of your ass and hit the fucking sack. Sleep isn't for the weak—it's for the wise. If you don't respect your body, your mind, they won't respect you.

So, grow the hell up and prioritize your sleep.

7-8 hours per night.

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