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Breakfast is a scam.

Imagine waking up and going to the kitchen to stuff your mouth with food before doing anything with your body or mind to earn it.

-- The tradition of eating a morning meal has existed since ancient times, though it was not until the 15th century that "breakfast" came into use in written English as a calque of dinner to describe a morning meal: literally a breaking of the fasting period of the night just ended. -- Wikipedia

Before the 21st century, most individuals had to go out and hunt or work in order to break the fast in the morning.

Even in the Neolithic (late Stone Age) era, people had to first find large stones and grains to grind them to make some sort of porridge.

That being said, people first had to do some sort of physical or mental work in order to earn the privilege to have food in the morning.

Now imagine a 28-year-old man, who wakes up late, at 8 am (yes, that’s late) just to drag his lazy ass to the kitchen and eat some bullshit sugary meal, like cereal and get their insulin level through the roof.

This is harmful for your energy levels, dopamine (reward) system programming & your lymphatic system that has to then regulate the amount of dopamine hormone being released (considering the many instant gratification habits we simultaneously indulge in on a daily basis).

Instead, FIRST, do something challenging such as working out, or some deep work, then break the fast and reward yourself with food.

Do not let your brain get food “for free”. And this is beneficial for three reasons:

  1. FOCUS - there have been much research that the optimal state of thinking & body performance is at its peak when fasting

  2. APPRECIATION - this may sound weird, but eating after some sort of work and delaying gratification you’ll feel grateful for food and not take it for granted. It’s the little things in Life that should be appreciated more.

  3. HEALTH - for the reason listed above

P.S. I know many people, even my friends who won’t agree with this ideology, but they’re… well you’re the one who isn’t happy with your life & takes the pills to regulate your mental health - instant & delayed gratification are a big part of mental health progression long-term, so how about you listen to me for once?

Author: Edis Babahmetović

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