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3 Proven Ways Meditating Prepares You For Victory

Battles are first won mentally, then physically.

I've seen it many times - in combat sports or before setting a new personal record in a gym. It even happens on "smaller" occasions, such as exams or before taking a driving test.

What lifting weights does to your physique, meditating does to your mind.


Learning, Memory & Focus

Did you know that most successful business leaders meditate? And it's interesting because their environment requires quick learning, sharp memory and laser focus.

Me on the other hand, I have a memory of a fucking golden fish. I forget everything, all the time.

Anyways, to keep it short, meditation helped me with that. Researches have found, that meditation stimulates areas of the brain associated with memory, concentration and learning.

By keeping your head free of thought, it provides you with an opportunity to focus on stuff that really matters.


Understand Negative Emotions

Meditation not only allows us to understand negative emotions but also helps with controlling them when they appear.

And they appear. A lot. Especially at work, business and school. Some motherfuckers are just annoying.


Sharp Ass Focus

Picture this - you sit down to work on a project / study and you start thinking about random shit and next thing you know, you're searching on Google if there is an actual Harry Potter wand available on Aliexpress.

With meditation, you're able to prevent that - or rather ignore that and be focused. Random thoughts will always pop up into your head, because.. well because you're human. But by practising meditation, you build a skill that should be used more often when engaging in a fight with a Wallmart Karen - the beautiful skill of ignoring irrelevant shit.


Hopefully, you learned something from this blog and found the tips useful. I am posting a blog every 2 weeks - if you have any requests about what I should write next, don't hesitate to contact me on my socials :)

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