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The Million Dollar Decision

by Robert Rolih


  • The Million Dollar Decision is a must read for busy professionals that want to get the best possible investing returns with minimum effort.

My opinion: 

  • Written by a public speaker, who studied at the same Faculty of Economics as I did (Ljubljana, SLO), this book was a basic "personal finances" book with misleading concepts of wealth, with the exception of a few good points.

  • Robert nicely explained that the financial success formula consists of money-making skills + investing skills. Every individual should be aggressive and more prone to risk for "money-making" skills while being more cautious when investing. The author also nicely explained the actual ROI formula, including the "cost of time" factor.

  • Whilst this is all very true, the book was more focused on the investment chapter, which people focus on the most - because it's easier. "Show me how to make millions" without any work. And as most people do, they trust the first person who shows them this is possible with investing. But no one thinks that the true 2 factors to building wealth (control & leverage) are non-existent with investing, as one always relies on hope (hope that economic crisis doesn't happen, hope that inflation doesn't lower the actual value of their money & hope they don't die before they can harvest what they've sow).

  • You want your wealth to accompany your wealth, not your cane.

Favorite quote:

“If you are playing the rigged game of investing, the house always wins.”

Robert Rolih

Key takeaways: 

  • True ROI formula also has a "cost of time" factor included in it

  • Gold will always have value

My Rating:

/ 50
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