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Five on a Treasure Island

by Enid Blyton


  • Five on a Treasure Island (published in 1942) is a popular children's book by Enid Blyton. 

  • It is the first book in The Famous Five series.

My opinion: 

  • In the summer of 2022, I lost my passion for reading and fell into a darker period due to external situations Life brought. This was the only book that I wanted to read due to the nostalgic element of childhood.

  • It was different when I read it almost 15 years later - I discovered that my imagination faded... And that book may just reignite my inner child spirit. It helped me remember. 

Favorite quote:

“I believe anyone could light a cigarette from the sparks that fly from your eyes!”

Enid Blyton

Key takeaways: 

  • Nostalgia is real.

My Rating:

/ 50
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