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Book Review Criteria

I review books by 5 criteria, each worth 10 points.*

1. How did it affect my Life?

2. How engaged was I while reading?

Book on Head_edited.png

3. Structure, connection and synergy between chapters.

4. How much "enlightened" I got / did the book provide valuable information, stories or lessons?

5. Are the key points just enumerated, or are they explained in detail in a practical manner with real-world examples?

For fiction books, I review by:

1. Engagement

2. Author's style - wordplay/language

3. Did the story provide any valuable insights

4. Character's values / Did I empathize with them?

5. Structure, connection and synergy between chapters

*My reviews are purely subjective and they mirror my opinion based on a certain "season" of Life I'm in while reading that book. 

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